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(Popularity: 25) Here are some rituals that I question if the weather is real. 1) Binoculars Ritual 2) Date with Her Ritual 3) Lady of Spades 4) Stranger Ritual 5) Gambler Ritual 6) Nesting Doll Ritual. Do you believe these things are creepypasta?

Why are you tossing between belief and non-belief? Instead of asking on Quora why not try them all. Make a list and tick them off. I bet they’re all cows, but at least you’ll be sure.

(Popularity: 74) What is your favorite sex toy to use alone?

> I don’t know exactly how many sex toys I own. I bought my first sex toy in 2009, right after my first BDSM party. I bought a ball plug, a paddle, some nipple clips with clitoral clip attachments, some leather ankle and wrist cuffs, and some cords. I’m more inclined to make a list of things I think I deserve than things I like. I have collected and gotten rid of many sex toys over the years. I still have all the original collections, but I don’t really use some of them. Ball gag I realized I really don’t like it except for special occasions, and I don’t like clitoral torture at all, so I tend to use only the nipple part. At the end of 2017, just before the move, my partner and I collected all our toys, set them up, and took a photo. Pictured below: As you can see, my collection is dominated by knives and ropes (pun intended). The glass butt plug series is hers. You can see the green ball plugs there, along with the nipple claim and the large wooden paddle with stripes, which was part of my original collection. A lot of my collections are “kinks”: regular items that have become sex toys. One of the paddles broke and it kept breaking no matter how many times I glued it back. I guess thin cherry wood doesn’t make a great paddle, especially on a heavy bottom. When it comes to vibrators, they come and go, and I’ve owned dozens over the years. I used to buy cheap bullet vibrators in groups of 5 to 10 and give them to friends who expressed interest in trying them. I have owned 3 Hitachi wands over the years along with a few accessories (see below), but I had one burned out and the other two were given to ex-partners when we broke up. That’s another story. If I bought a vibrator and used it almost exclusively on one partner for a long period of time, I would basically associate that vibrator with her and she could keep it if we broke up. Of my last three partners, two of them don’t like vibrators, the other has her own Hitachi, so I just use hers, so I haven’t really bought one in a while.If I find a partner who really likes the Hitachi vibrator style but doesn’t have my own, I might get

(Popularity: 25) How is your experience with sex robots?

It is impossible to have sex with any kind of robot or doll. What you’re describing is masturbation – a “robot sex doll” is just a WM doll to help with masturbation, like a bottle of lotion or your favorite porn. what is it like? Well, I guess it probably feels a lot better than regular, independent masturbation, since a lot of them are high-tech and, moreover, they’re designed to make you feel good. Some say the feeling is very close to actual sex.

(Popularity: 72) What can you use instead of sex toys?

wn legal sex toys until i was 16 or 17 and it was Incredibly Sexy Photos A gift from my 2 year old cousin. Now between the age of 11 and my first toy, I have a lot of replacements that I absolutely love. Some of these are hairbrush handles, curling irons that are of course unplugged, and electric toothbrushes for makeshift vibrators. I have and still have a curling iron like this one with the same barrel, but it’s not Foxybae. As a young girl who doesn’t have access to real sex toys, these are awesome. I still get a tingle as I rummage through my bathroom drawer and I see a bucket attachment. These look similar to the ones I had when I was younger, and I still travel with one, not because I need a hairbrush, but because male TSA agents like to take sex toys out of your bag and ask out loud “Mom? This What is it? What is its purpose?” With my trusty hairbrush, all male agents see is the hairbrush. A female TSA agent sees a worn-out hairbrush with maybe 15 or 20 bristles and a nice fat handle on the whole thing and knows exactly what Aibei Dollis really means, I have a few smiles and nods . A female agent picked it up with her thumb and forefinger, looked at the bag, and put it back in, putting on new latex gloves. I wanted to say “Sorry! I washed all my toys! Thank you so much!” but I said nothing. The back of the brush head on the clitoris feels good. Then, when I was 14, I entered a whole new category of makeshift sex toys, why? Bit my ass for curiosity! My parents have a German Shepherd who has been my best friend since he was 15 and will bring him here after graduation next spring. As a young dog owner, I have the ability to grab some makeshift sex toys. Some people might find this disgusting but hey it’s perfectly safe if you don’t let the dog play with it first and if you have a dog no one when they see a dog toy on your dresser will be smarter. My girlfriend and I were at Walmart recently with our roommate and it was silly that I dared to ask for something embarrassing. We were near the pet area and I asked a colleague who worked near there where they put their personal lubricant and she told me it was near the pharmacy. I asked, “Why don’t you guys put something near the sex toy section?” She looked confused and said, “We don’t sell sex toys here, do we?” I was like “Yeah, right here.” I went Go down a few aisles and point to the yellow Nylabone that hooks the G-spot perfectly and say, “These sex toys!” She laughs like “Oh you! That’s a dog toy!” I’m like “Yes Yes, but don’t tell me you never gave them a second look and wondered!” She laughs that she is now. It made me laugh at work at night. I know it sucks to be required to wear a mask on a full shift like they do.but

(Popularity: 40) What are the wildest and/or best male sex toys?

you have any choice Incredibly Sexy Photos Or a pillow, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it until you find a mate. Unless you find fun in banana peels, fabric balls or hollow vegetables. These may work, but you can’t bet that these options are always safe. The happy world is big and everyone can find something for them. Perfect for singles, couples and gays, there is a huge range of sex toys, each with added benefits and lots of orgasms. Fleshlights and tenga cups – these are probably the most commonly used male sex toys. The insides of these toys are so soft, stimulating and textured that they replicate the feel of real skin – pussy, anus or throat. Fleshlights and tenga cups are handheld devices that will give you a feeling as if you are actually penetrating. They can vibrate, warm up, suck and give you a variety of sensations, as well as remote or app control. Penis Ring – The adjustable penis ring sits comfortably at the base of your penis to restrict blood flow and give you rock-solid erections and intense orgasms. A vibrating penis ring will give you and your partner more exciting sensations. Prostate Massager – Putting anything on your butt can be scary for some people. But what if you could have an orgasm stronger than a penis orgasm and waves? Have some fluid guts and get your fluid glands, prostate stimulated from within. Anal Toys – With a little more courage, you can orgasm by stimulating your A-hole. The anus has thousands of nerve endings that can be stimulated with plugs, beads and vibrators. Male Chastity Cage – If pain is your pleasure, a male chastity cage can be your best friend.These safety cages can be made of plastic or steel and can lock a man’s penis out of harm’s way

(Popularity: 59) Should I hire a prostitute, buy sex dolls or watch porn?

I don’t think the first one is necessary. It doesn’t address your long-term needs, nor does it guarantee that you won’t get infected. I prefer the second one because I bought a Japanese Sex Dollstantaly sex toy myself. Incredibly Sexy Photos Great experience.The last one it will only give you spiritual satisfaction